About CCHC

A unique membership forum

Focused on Catholic Health Systems.

Since 1990, Catholic CEO Healthcare Connection (CCHC) has supported leaders in Catholic health systems. CCHC’s 22 member health systems comprise the majority of Catholic health care in the United States and are each actively represented in membership by the system CEO.

Helping Catholic health ministries thrive.

Several times a year, CCHC brings together Catholic system CEOs to share learnings around strategic issues confronting Catholic health care organizations in multi-state, multi-region ministries. In addition to informal, confidential opportunities to connect with peers, share areas of mutual concern, and discuss strategic ministry and executive issues, these forums provide an opportunity to explore collaborative possibilities focused on what is required for the Catholic ministry to thrive.

CCHC convenes a range of professional forums and learning collaboratives for several other peer groupings of system executives, including chief operating officers; chief clinical officers; chief medical officers; chief nursing officers; chief quality officers; chief strategy executives and palliative care leaders.

CCHC is in the midst of a multi-year collaborative commitment to accelerate learnings and develop high performance in specific areas of clinical safety and quality.